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Exclamation Repeated DMCA Violations not dealt with.

I am distressed that the same two websites are getting away with streaming Films they do not own the rights to with your livestream service. I have written numerous emails to your takedown email and they keep making new livestream channels. I work in the film industry and when I see this kind of abuse it is very upsetting. Please do something to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.

The two websites DMCA Violating are:

the livestream channels they are currently using and embedding to their sites are:

I realize writing emails to your takedown email reporting them every time they make a new channel is just not effective. I always receive the same email from your service which always says the same thing, but nothing is said about the two websites which keep making new channels on your service every time they are taken down. This needs to stop now. I am seriously thinking of taking legal action against livestream itself if this is not dealt with. It is a mockery of my very business and way of making a living. This piracy needs to stop. Just the other night they streamed "Project X" and "Safe House" back to back using your livestream service. This is making me sick. I urge you to take action so that I don't have to. I am making this thread so that other people in the film industry can see this, and hopefully livestream will make more of an effort to stop this abuse.

- thank you.
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