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Originally Posted by RonaldH View Post
We're currently in development of the linux version, here is a status update on what we at least must do before we release a version.
-Transparency bug with the user interface.
-Generic webcam capture
-About 10 small bug fixes

So we are almost there.
this was a full 7 months ago, i don't think this constitutes "almost there", but i could be wrong... why don't you guys make it open source and request help from the community, it would make development MUCH faster...

in any case, can we get another status update?

as others have said, once this comes out, i can drop the abomination that is windows from and change my main harddrive to ubuntu. (still need windows for gaming, at least until the steam linux version is released)

i feel that linux could be a major player in the OS market here very soon...
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