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Exclamation Verification for upcoming events?

Still waiting on verification for my channel

I really need to be verified soon, as I have several events coming up that will likely exceed the 50-viewer limit for my channel. We hit the limit every time we stream, so with these events we will undoubtedly be pushing well over the 50-viewer mark.

We have an event planned for May 15th, coinciding with two of our founders' birthdays. It's going to feature live art drawing/coloring, multimedia activities, as well as general interaction with out rather sizable community.

We have other events planned on a continuing biweekly schedule after this date, likely to be accompanied by several unscheduled streams that will undoubtedly push our limit as well.

What needs to be done to get verified at this point? I've been rejected for reasons that haven't made much sense (that the channel isn't "developed enough" when we exceed max capacity EVERY time, have hours of VOD and offline streaming). Can I please be verified ASAP for these events?
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