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Default Getting Verified to broadcast our 27th annual international dart tournament

It appears that we are not getting verified due to not enough on demand content.

The issue is that our recorded content will be coming from the event
(May 24th-28th). Making it difficult to get interesting footage and
users to the site before this date. This is a very large event with
players coming all over the world, all of which will have friends
that will want to see them compete. I know that our audience will
be much much larger then 50 constant viewers for this weekend and afterwards.
After the event having the user base, and content will not be an
issue. I am in the process of getting any older tournament footage added to on demand, but any good digital footage is limited, but anything we have will be available.

Thanks for taking the time to look this over, and I hope you can help us with our situation.

Kurt Thompson
Arachnid Inc
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