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Originally Posted by mtolivewels View Post
I am having this same error with both 20.2.69 and 20.2.76, but only when I set the input to NTSC sqpxl, which is what the input device is sending. I am using an Osprey 230 capture card, which is listed as a certified device.

If I set the input to PAL 16:9, the stream starts, but our cameras are not PAL cameras, and it messes up the Osprey Config settings, too.

I reverted to 20.2.43, and everything works fine. The latest version breaks something with the Osprey card so that it won't work with NTSC settings.

Just to be clear, the issue you are having is that your are getting the Camera not found error when trying to stream NTSC with your card? Or is it aspect ratio issues you are having while streaming in NTSC mode? Please let us know so we can better assist you.
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