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Default Advice: Going live with wireless internet


I'm working on a streaming solution for a on-the road show. This will be in places where we won't have access to wired internet connections. I am aware of some 4G routers, such as the Cradalepoint MBR1400 that support up to 3 4G USB Pen Modems.

All Our GSM service providers offer 100/50 Mbps plans. 100Mpbs Download and 50Mbs Upload. But this is what they offer and we all know that it's not what you get!

So I was wondering if there is such a router that would add up several of theses pen modems in order to grantee enough bandwidth for HD streaming?

I'm waiting on a response for the Cradlepoint MBR1400, because I think that it will only use one link at a time but maybe you can point me to a solution that works?
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