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Default HDMI in laptops

There is no way a lapto recognize any camera using the HDMI PORT, this port is on OUTPUT PORT is not able to received signal, you need a HDMI CAPTURE as someone mentioned here, like the Black Magic or there are other solutions if you definitely need to go with a laptop but not using the HDMI port.

The Black Magic Intensity solution with usb 3.0 is quit "picky" and is not sure it will work with any usb 3.0 port as it need lots of power and even in a tower just works with some (just some) kind of motherboards I suggested you do your homework before buy oneof these, we had to "buy" a computer for this little box (means we first get the capture device and after see specifications we assembly a special computer for it with all bells).

Black Magic also has a Intensity solution with Thunderbolt ports, in this case you need a Mac laptop but this solutions (based on others experience) works better than the usb3.0.

My last suggestion, is to stream video definitely better a tower than a laptop you can have more resources and better specifications, laptop just in last case. We broadcasted 2 years in a row from different locations and we had to use laptops and we know the limitations of these special with HD inputs.

If you need to go the "laptop way" explore these capture solutions:
Using Express cards:
1) MOTU HD Express HDMI Video Interface $495 (really cool and reliable you need a express card port in your laptop)
2) Matrox MXO2 Mini for PC $490 (reliable in Mac and works really good with windows 7, need express card) there is a MX02 MAX Mini for $850 with breakout box.
Using Firewire:
1) Grass valley ADVC-HD50 $700 (investigate first I know some people cant connect their camera to Livestream Producer using it and some they could, is something to do with HDV wirefire compression but Im not try it myself)
Using USB 2.0:
1) Hauppauge HD PVR - High Def Video Recorder 01445 $180 (I cant believe this thing works but some reviews suggested works fine for HD video you will need a HDMI adapter $5)
2) AVerMedia AVerTV USB HD DVR $160 (again I cant believe but works for some people and high quality video is reported, it has a HDMI OUPTU so you need a HDMI apater also with this capture box)
Hope this is useful for someone.
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