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Angry We REALLY hate manditory censors!

Originally Posted by jasonlive View Post
Thanks for your feedback, BronyMike. I'll bring this thread to the attention of our dev team.

Why do I feel like Jason merely made an automated response and ignored the issue? I can not express how much I hate mandatory censorship of non-moderators in LiveStream! The fact that mods can swear without censors also creates a double-standard which is very unfair. If I'm a viewer on a show, and the host swears, I wanna be able to swear too. And if I'm hosting, I don't wanna mod people just so they're able to swear. (I don't normally get enough viewers to need mods anyway. >.>)

Can we please, PLEASE have an option to disable censorship in LiveStream chats? At least tie it into the channel ratings so that what gets censored is controlled by the channels set rating. e.g., G = All profanity gets censored, PG = weak profanity allowed, etc.

An annoyed, yet otherwise happy user,
Shane the Freestyler

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