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Unhappy Podcaster is using all my CPU


I started to use livestream broadcaster and found it very great. Just a problem, that i can't stream any games with better graphics. For example i can't stream League of Legends, cause of lags i get in game. Even in small game as Bad rats I can feel that I have some lags in it. And podcaster is using ~80-90% of CPU and is asking to turn some apps off.

I stream with default settings. If i'm streaming with gaming stream mode (or how it's called) I get a bit more performance, but still with better graphic games it goes more than 70-80% of CPU usage. And game recording is off.

My specs:
Windows 7,
AMD X6 3.2Ghz,
HD6850 GPU,
1TB Raid0.

Drivers are up to date.
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