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Originally Posted by WickyBG View Post
Hello, I used Livestream to stream my matches in FIFA 11, but today when I tried to stream FIFA 12 it does not worked... I tried to stream games like Angry Birds, Counter Strike and it worked for them, dont know why this dont work for FIFA 12 (few months ago it worked also for FIFA 12 without problems...). The problem is that when I click Go Live and start the game, I cant see the message on up left (To click Ctrl + F1 to start streaming) but when I start another game different than FIFA 12 there is no problem. So, please can you tell me how to fix this? Livestream procaster is updated till last version.

Best regards.

Can you confirm you are using Procaster 20.2.69P? If that is not capturing the game, you could try rolling back to a previous version you know was working properly. You can find previous versions at the following URL:

If you continue experiencing difficulty, please open a support ticket by follow the steps listed in my above post, with the same requested specs.
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