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I've been following this thread and the beta updates thread for 8 months now. The change list posted yesterday for beta 20.2.64 indicates that there is still no JavaScript API function for developers to retrieve the username of someone who is broadcasting on a channel. Back in version 20.0.95, this functionality was provided through the .getCurrentContentTitle() method, which returned a value such as the following:

NickdeClaw's Camera [Procaster]

This allowed me to customize my website to display the name of the user a viewer is currently watching, which had a very positive effect on the community feeling of the website. Because of the importance of this feature, we continue to use version 20.0.95 exclusively when using Procaster. Other applications continue to provide this functionality along with their other quality updates, which creates a major disadvantage for continuing to support Procaster.

Please provide this functionality again. It doesn't have to be through .getCurrentContentTitle(), any JavaScript API method name will do!
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