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You can still get to your accounts here: and you can still stream to the original platform with no problems!

PC VERSION - 20.2.64:
-Audio issues fixed (bad audio at 2400Hz or a multiplication of this number)
-Audio quality improved (increased Bitrate at high and HD qualities)
-In game mode, Unicode characters are now supported
-More game compatibility
-Changed the behavior when certain setting files couldn't be found due to permission issues.
-Flash installer links fixed
-Fixed some disconnections on some ISPs when you muted the audio
-Fixed some installer issues (Qt Version not found after installation)
-Increased stability
-Better Experimental support for Blackmagic H.264 device (frame sync).
-Experimental USB 3.0 support for BlackMagic UltraStudio SDI (Tested on MSI GE620 and Lenovo w520)

New Bandwidth requirements:
For Stereo:
mobile: 198Kbps
Normal: 446Kbps
Medium + Mobile: 876Kbps
High+Medium+Mobile: 2632Kbps
HD+Medium+Mobile: 3196Kbps
HD+High+Medium+Mobile: 4952Kbps
Optimized gaming mode: 969Kbps

For Mono:
mobile: 174Kbps
Normal: 446Kbps
Medium + Mobile: 788Kbps
High+Medium+Mobile: 2416Kbps
HD+Medium+Mobile: 2948Kbps
HD+High+Medium+Mobile: 4576Kbps
Optimized gaming mode: 648Kbps

You can download the version here: