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Originally Posted by Dihydrogen View Post

I used to livestream frequently from my mac many years ago, when the procaster had only just released it's first version for windows. Recently I bought a new laptop with windows 7 and decided to get back in to livestreaming.

I installed the Procaster today thinking it would be simple and effective as opposed to using other free, and generally awful, software from the net, to stream my desktop. I was very wrong. The Procaster itself is great. However I have run in to a massive amount of issues.

OS: Windows 7 (current update)
Procaster Version: 20.2.0v (current version)

- Nearly impossible to click on any buttons in the procaster. The buttons will highlight when I hover the cursor on them, however it's very rare that it will let me click on anything. If I able too, it's because I had to click on every part of the button before finding a "sweet spot" near a corner or edge where it actually lets me click on it.
- Many times I can't close out of things in the preferences area. I'll have popup windows that wont close and will stay at the front of my screen. Even after force closing the program, they will stay. Can only get rid of them if I restart my computer.
- Sometimes if I manage to get the program to shut down completely, I will attempt to re-open it and it will never open. I'll have several unresponsive icons in the dropdown list in the right side of my taskbar, but none that I can open in the taskbar itself.

It's incredibly frustrating and I haven't found any solutions to any of these problems. If anyone knows how to fix these issues, I would be incredibly thankful.

I apologize for the inconveniences you experienced when you attempted to use Procaster. This is the first I'm hearing of this type of problem. We have released a few betas since we first released 20.2.0. You can find a download link to the latest Beta version (20.2.43) at the following Forum Thread:

If installing the Beta does not resolve your issue, please post the following information, which will help us figure out what's going on:

-Computer Processor
-Procaster settings (Quality Preset, etc)
-Internet Connection (visit and send me the results of a test)
-Wired or WiFi?

Once we have this information we'll be able to better assist you with your issue.
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