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Exclamation Urgent

it's been 11 month since this thread got started (eventhough
the problem started before that).
when will you guys do something about it?
is your feature request list that long and is this feature that far
back on it?
i think there is no feature request list!
c'mon it's not rocket science, it's a simple embed chat!
it should take a half-wit about 10 min to code that!
why are you denying your users this simple option?
it's such an essential feature of web design, i can't believe
it's not implemented right from the start of the new chat;
because it was/is possible for old chat embeds(channels that
were made before about a year ago).
at least give us a dark option if for some illusive reason you don't
want to give us full color choice.
it's inconceivable that youtube makes a snow button from one
day to the other but you can't implement some hex choices in
your embeds FOR OVER A YEAR...

a somewhat disgruntled user
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