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Default Viewer problem: videos/streams never load

For the past few days, every time I try to watch anything at all on, the video will never load. All I see is a still image with the loading animation in the center. If what I was trying to watch was live, I would occasionally see the still image change to something else, but the stream still won't load. I do not hear any audio either.

Yes, I have tried refreshing, closing other browser windows, and ending any other programs that may be using up bandwidth. I have tried using three different browsers (Opera, Chrome, and IE) none of them work. I have Windows 7 and a broadband internet connection, I do not have any problem watching streams on other websites, and I have never had similar problems with livestream before. I just made sure that my flash player and java were up to date as well.

Understandably, this is very frustrating for me and I would like some help solving this issue.

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