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Exclamation 20.3 feature request

Not sure if you've already locked down that will go into 20.3, but I'd love the ability to use an external device like on the studio. Would also love the ability to add team members.

I'm using a Teradek 250 to stream, and need to add a producer in another country.
Also, the control over audio monitoring - so that I can only hear the audio when I bring in the other producer - and not hear the tunnel of delay that happens when I monitor all audio.

We are dealing with about 20 - 40 sec of delay on the stream. I'm sure that it's my bandwidth, but that will on be worse as I add more producers in other countries that don't have great upload speeds.

Thanks for your consideration.
ps - would love to be able to make a buck selling the permium services (we're a Broadcast supplier who sell the TereDek and NewTek products!
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