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Originally Posted by Starsickle View Post
I'm really upset. I log into Livestream to clean up my account, and I find I've been charged for overages for November and October by 8 cents and didn't even know it.

While this doesn't seem like a big deal, I was under the assumption that free service was free and subsidized by the many advertisements that are placed in and over my videos. I can understand a storage limit, and would be fine if I just couldn't have more than some amount on my account.

Logging in and finding I have bills to pay is very upsetting and deceptive to why I choose to use Livestream. I didn't know livestream would start charging people for storage overages, rendering the free account Not-free.

I'll probably bust out the credit card and give you the 8 cents for the outstanding overage, but I think it would be much better if I had some mechanism to make sure I never actually go over the limit to begin with and never accrue any charges.

This is a very big disappointment to me. I am, for sure, not going to make much use of livestream if I have to constantly maintain my archive or be charged pennies without knowing and have to have outstanding bills to pay under what I thought was a free plan.

I reviewed your account and saw that you do not have a credit card on file with us. When no credit card is on file, any content over 10GB is deleted at the end of the month in order to bring your storage back down below the limit. This means that you will not be charged the .08 cents if you do not want to pay it at the end of the month.
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