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Default better audio control - more cameras

The BIGGEST thing I would like to see is the ability to have more audio support and control. I am using a mackie onyx blackjack but when plugging one mic in, since the device is a usb audio interface, it only comes out of the left or right channel. It would be a fairly easy feature to add a mono button so you could broadcast in stereo (for when you go to music or preshot clips/ promos / ect / but mono for a track that is only a mic on the left input.

Some portable audio interfaces double route to both channels but many do not.

I would also like to see the ability to switch VIDEO only and not audio, and would like to see all the studio web features integrated in procaster so I could live switch and do titles in there.. currently I have to run procaster and then run studio in a browser, and when I cut to another cam it kills my audio - you would be able to cut to multiple cams but keep the audio going from both or a split screen so you can see / hear both like when they have a few talking heads on news. Currently I am doing this with skype but I see no reason procaster couldn't do it.

Great job on the latest version though - MUCH better stability with wireless and MUCH better video quality!
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