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Originally Posted by aschwartz View Post
That sounds like it will work but the main issue would then be audio and framerate... Sounds like a good plan for now. Livestream basically has said to me 'use Procaster'. When I explain that I need more than one input in order to facilitate a professional production (4 cams, 2 comps + graphics & overlays) and that Wirecast has the ability to send out multiple streams, they tell me that Procaster is the only option for multiple bitrate streaming. I fail to see why they can't just give me settings for Wirecast since it allows me to configure independent streams easily.

HOWEVER, the new beta which is lauching (or has launched) and will go UN-beta in the spring, will do conversion on the fly. In otherwords, we upload one HD stream, livestream will down convert to other resolutions through the backend. That is ideal, so I will gladly wait it out for that option. I would love to see a solid response from them though! Love livestream, just want to use Wirecast and not Procaster.

In the New Livestream, multi-bitrate Live broadcasts will continue to require you to encode using a Multi-Bitrate setting on the Livestream encoding software.

Our developers are working to improve the software so hopefully the options you are looking for will be available in a later version of the software.
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