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Originally Posted by Henry_live View Post

You can bypass the limit by utilizing Procaster for your broadcast. The higher CPU usage can probably be caused by the default local recording. I would recommend deactivating the local recording feature within the Desktop tab of your Procaster preferences. If you decide to try it out again, please use the latest beta which can be found within the Procaster Windows Forum:
im aware of the settings and features in procaster.
there are many technical details i have "debugged", involved as to why the application consumes alot of CPU on my machine, to post it here would "hi-jack" this thread, lets just say for one thing, if it didnt heavily utilize "dot-net", it would be much better.
if i really wanted more than 500Kbit, i could just use wirecast and change it to identify the procaster header captured in wireshark, but wirecast also uses much more CPU than FMLE but less than procaster does.
while it can be done, its not worth my time to "modify" the binary of FMLE to "imitate" procaster in order to obtain +500Kbit since i have to go through the "court procedure" verification process anyway - while i really like livestream as my first choice for a streaming platform because of its versatility and features, i completely understand the reason behind the restrictions, including using the procaster software, some of us who are veterans like i am, are knowledgeable about the facts concerning streaming platforms, Vobile content protection, free/paid services, business models and the legality of it, would appreciate the noose around our necks loosened just a little bit when it comes to simply streaming medium bitrate non-nudity based allowed video game content (not unreleased/prohibited material).
as for member "runekey", i would use caution streaming content such as copyright movies if you dont have a content royalty license allowing you permission to do so, of which you more than most likely do not have a content royalty license anyway.

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