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Originally Posted by elitedata View Post
i would gladly have no issue with you using my live stream of my PS3 console gaming on your website but, im not using livestream to broadcast it for the following reasons:
1) 500Kbit max upload to their transcode server on a free account using FMLE.
2) a verification procedure thats equivalent to a courtroom procedure thats required to gain channel publicity and more than 50 viewers.
if livestream would raise the max upload to their transcode server to 1Mbit, it would be much better and i would certainly use them for my PS3 gaming stream.
you just cant get decent video with 500Kbit max using FMLE, no matter what you do.
the best you can get is 640x360 H.264 460Kbit @ 14.985, & HE-AAC audio @ 40Kbit, anything higher, the video macroblocks and the FMLE buffer starts filling up.
and no, i dont intend to use the software supported by livestream as it eats way too much CPU than FMLE does.
im currently using another free provider that allows a higher upstream to their transcode server, for the reasons i stated above.
if youre interested in embedding the live feed, send me an email for the URL of it as id rather not do disrespect by posting it in the livestream forums (i like livestream, just not the "gestapo" type restrictions) [elitedata at gmail dot com].
my current game play is Fallout: New Vegas (with bug exploits).
i play between 6pm and 12am eastern time.
i use a more "advanced" method to stream the PS3 console over the web.
a link to my gaming feed can also be found on my other website (which i happily use livestream for) -

You can bypass the limit by utilizing Procaster for your broadcast. The higher CPU usage can probably be caused by the default local recording. I would recommend deactivating the local recording feature within the Desktop tab of your Procaster preferences. If you decide to try it out again, please use the latest beta which can be found within the Procaster Windows Forum:
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