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Originally Posted by RonaldH View Post
Changelist 20.2.43 Beta
We have released a new beta of Procaster for pc which has the following changes:

-Cropping window Functionality
--Hold shift or ctrl or alt to resize the crop window without taking aspect ratio into account
--Preservation of aspect ratio when adjusting the crop window size
-Improved 2d/3d rendering and the option to select which method to use (DirectX, OpenGL, Software, Simple)
-DirectX 8 support is added back, no interactive mode
-The Ability to select "Only record highest quality" when streaming with multiple qualities
-Smaller size
-Support for the latest Blackmagic SDK 8.5 (So make sure you update your local drivers)
-Improvement in capture devices
-Headphone monitoring on windows (Temporarily does not work with Speaker Audio enabled. Will cause audio feedback loop)
-Improved desktop audio capture
-Added several processes to the ignore list (infinium, patcher, origin, mumble, msiafterburner,
-Russian language has been updated.
-Checking for older blackmagic versions
-You can now set "No Hotkey" to the hotkeys (right click a hotkey field)
-Connecting to publishing servers on slow connections has been improved.
-On multi-quality, you can select the Audio sample rate. Auto means the default sample rate that is selected by Livestream
-New Command line option Functionality
-- -username=testing
-- -password=testing
-- -channel=channelname
-- -autogolive
-- -disablenoaudiowarning
--Example procaster.exe -autogolive
-FPS is now in drop down menu format, but you still have the ability to manually set your own custom frame rate

A more extended description of the command line feature
If a user hans wants to automatically go live on channel piet he could execute this:

procaster.exe -username=hans -password=SomePassword -channel=piet -autogolive

if he already set this up in procaster he can just do

procaster.exe -autogolive

This allows the user to make a task in a scheduler to automatically go live at a scheduled time/date.

You can download this version at from the starting post:
I've encountered a pretty serious issue when trying out this new version.

We have a Decklink Studio and are using the S-Video NTSC input.

When I change the Video settings in Procaster to 4:3 with cropping, the output video appears visible squished. If I open the crop settings window, the preview window is letterboxed where it used to be 4:3.

It's almost like Procaster is reading the NTSC signal as 16:9 letterbox and then cropping it to create 4:3 output. If I disable "Crop source to match", the output is letterboxed 16:9.

Also, the deinterlacing option appears to have disappeared.