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Originally Posted by barrybolo View Post
so i logged into my account today to be told your going to delete some of my videos at the end of the month because they have not been viewed ten times in six months.

no they probably havent, i have over 46 hours of video in my account and they stream on my web site and i've been using livestream since the days of mogulus back in 2008 and now i discover you want to delete every video i have unless i go thru a very long process to save each one. now 46 hours means i have a lot of videos and to go thru all of them and save each one in the list you gave me will take hours if not days. if i wanted to delete my videos i would do it my self, which i do on occasions to free up space. if you dont want people using livestream why dont you just close down because you make life extremly difficult for us free users. if you want people to use your pay version you need to be good to the free users and by the way everytime i think about upgrading you go and do something stupid like this deleting video nonsense and i decide once again livestream is NOT worth paying for if this is how it treats its customers.
I fully agree with barrybolo user. i find mysefl in the same situation. been a member since mogulus, uploaded tens of hours of videos (hundreds of them, though many rather short). livestream's unfair and abusive decision to delete videos is simply outrageous. stop sending us to your worthless system of saving videos from your list marked for deletion as it is not user friendly and it takes even more of our personal time to save. make it simplier, to mark all videos we want to keep and save them once altogether, or even better, stop using this stupid criteria of deleting older than six months or 'not enough' seen videos! if you want to keep livetream only live then do it so, but don't come with such abusive treatment to user's private time!!!
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