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Originally Posted by dandoghi View Post
could you please explain hoe come that from over 600 videos that i uploaded in various categories there are now a handful only available and everything else was deleted?

My channel is almost empty!!! what objective criteria can justify that?

what criteria can justify such unjust decision, not to mention disrespectful to user. i've spent serious time to upload these videos and cluster them on specific categories. you can imagine that if your conditions and criteria were transparent enough and fair from the onset of registration process no user would invest so much effort knowing that his /her work is going to be trashed as you did.

i demand a rational explanation please.

Multiple emails were sent out to all of our users before putting this process into place. Below is an explanation of the process and criteria:

• Every month we’ll find your neglected videos (older than 6 months & viewed fewer than 10 times within the past 6 months).

• If we find anything marked for deletion, we'll notify you ahead of time on and via email.

• To save/download videos just follow the link to the cleanup wizard.

• You can choose to keep any/all of your videos.

• This applies to video clips - not the storyboards which contain them.

To read the full explanation, please visit the following URL:
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