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Originally Posted by mmorin View Post
It would be nice to be able to filter out some of the ads that play when viewers click on the feed or a video in the archive. Our organization is educational-based and many of our viewers are school aged. Showing ads for Jack Daniels and other adult oriented items may force us to look elsewhere for service if parents/viewers begin to question the appropriateness of the ads and the school board agrees.
Since we pick a category that our organizations falls under when we sign up for the service (in this case education), could certain ads not be played for viewers under certain categories?

Thank you for your feedback. We're continuously working to optimize advertising on our platform. We want our ads to be contextually relevant and of course, non-invasive. The ads served are based on your channel's metadata (category, description, tags, etc.). Currently the only way to fully control ads is to purchase Livestream Premium, which would give you the ability to remove advertisements completely. However I'll make sure that our team is aware of your feedback.

Thanks again,
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