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Using McBook Pro, 2.3 GHz Core i7 with 8GB RAM and AMD Radeon 6750M on OSX Lion 10.7.1. Connected Canon HV20 over Firewire. This setup worked beautifully before this Procaster upgrade.

First, tried to record HD + medium + mobile, but the CPU couldn't keep up. Had to downshift to high + medium + mobile. We can't use Procaster at the highest quality with the most powerful configuration Apple sells?

I'm seeing the same problems as others: Crashing multiple times per hour. Cannot use the audio channel from the HV20, as it has chirping for some reason (I can record using Camtasia perfectly so the camera works fine). Had to switch to built-in mic for sound, which is lousy quality. Saw the same problem as others - switching the audio channels during a broadcast freezes the application.

Going to try moving back to previous version, which worked perfectly.
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