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Originally Posted by mystrdat View Post
I have to say I have been looking for some sort of a Fav button for almost 2 days now before I found this thread. What a terrible oversight, such a function is key.
I was also looking for this option! Seems pretty basic to have this option on a site like this, if you ask me.

As a related side note on this subject, I started using Livestream via the iPhone app -- which, funny enough, doesn't give users the option to create a Livestream account. You can optionally link your Facebook for posting comments. Point of interest is, the iPhone app does offer a favorites feature via the blue arrow. And these favorites are listed in the "following" tab.

I just came on my laptop to try using the Livestream website to see what I was missing by only using the iOS app. After discovering that I could not use Facebook to sign up for an account, I created a Livestream account. Then I assumed that I'd be able to link my Facebook after creating the account, and then, perhaps, Livestream would recognize all of my faves from the iPhone app and sync both together. No such luck,

Seeing as this feature is active on the iPhone app, I can't fathom why it wouldn't be on their website! It usually happens in reverse where a given feature is available on a website and then implemented on the iPhone app at a later date. Obviously if the favorites is working on the iOS app, surely it should not be too difficult to get the feature going again on the website (as earlier posts in this thread indicated, it used to be possible to favorite even after the feature was officially pulled by Livestream -- but the user suggested methods to get around that no longer work). I'm not a developer, but I have done beta testing for AOL and Apple iOS developers and have insight on this subject. This is a relatively simple feature to implement in comparison to complex features having to do with streaming and such.

Livestream, please get with the program on this already! I'm a new user, and I really prefer your iPhone app and website over Ustream -- but a missing feature like this can really turn people off from using an otherwise great service. If they could make favorites happen on websites in the early 90's when the Internet got going, why can't you make it work now?! Please!

P.S. Please develop a universal app for iPhone/iPad. That's one thing UStream has that you don't, and it really enhances the iPad experience.
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