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Originally Posted by gooser2207 View Post
Henry, thanks for that quick reply.

If we want just audio conferencing, say using Skype or Google Voice, can use that in conjunction with LiveStream Procaster?

That way the viewers would hear us talking back and forth to each other, via our LiveStream, and we could use the LiveStream Studio to switch screens back and forth.

Also, I should note that of course we want the livestream servers to record the entire audio conversation as well.

Maybe there's some directions somewhere on using Skype with Livestream or Google Voice with livestream?


We actually just updated our user guide with more information on how to use Skype video with Procaster and Soundflower. You can find the link here:

If you have questions, feel free to ask, or if you think we should add anything to that section, we would love your suggestions.
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