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Angry worsening of service

hello everybody.

this use to be a good service, until management decided to:
- reduce the size of uploads to maximum 10 GB
- start deleting videos which are not viewed 'enough' according to some doubtful criteria.

there was no warning whatsoever at registration of a channel that such drastic measures will be imposed on users.

i've spent long, long time to identify videos fitting with the profile of my channel, and upload them, cluster them, on categories, serious involvement, you understand ...

all that is lost!!! the treatment of users by the management is unjustified and abuse of peoples time. what is left from the channel is actually nothing!!! if i would start from scratch and try to build a channel similar with what is looks today i could do it in few hours maximum. however, when i built my channel some two years ago it entailed months of work ...

since things have worsened so much i stopped investing any time in it and i don't see a value in such service, unless one does TV like work and does lots of live streaming.

what a shame! and shame on those deciding to abuse users time and dedication!
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