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Default Procaster Mac v20.3 wishlist and bugs

Release notes:

The Livestream development team is proud to bring you Livestream Procaster for Mac version 20.2. We have been working over the last 6 months on making Livestream Procaster the most easy-to-use, high quality live streaming encoder in the world. We trust that you will enjoy this update. LEOPARD (10.5) IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED, MINIMUM REQUIRED VERSION IS NOW SNOW LEOPARD (10.6).

This page is also available on our user guide at

New features in version 20.2

Major video and audio quality improvements with improved bit rate usage control
Perfect Audio/Video Synchronization live and on-demand. Previous versions had various issues with lipsync during long encoding sessions
Reduced CPU usage when streaming
Stream at higher bitrate over the same Internet connection: Improved the connection usage, so that you can utilize your connection more efficiently.
New easy to understand status message in the control bar with suggested solutions :
"Perfect Streaming" means that your stream is being sent to the Livestream server perfectly. No lag and no connection or CPU issues.
"CPU above 80% try closing other apps or stop lower quality" means that your CPU usage is above 80% and that you should close some other applications. When your CPU reaches 100% Procaster may stop broadcasting.
"Internet too slow for quality avoid shared connections or stop and lower quality" means that Procaster is not getting the full bandwidth it needs to stream and you should lower the quality of streaming in the main window.
"Lost internet connection. Attempting to reconnect. Local MP4 still recording." means that your internet connection fully dropped, and that Procaster is trying to reconnect. The local recording will always keep recording.
The CPU usage is also now shown in the control bar now.
New behaviours to better handle connection bandwidth fluctuation and drops :
Anti lag feature - When enabled (default), it will keep the delay between you and your viewer, up to a maximum of 10 seconds. The local MP4 file recording will always have all the frames, even if anti-lag kicks in
Continue to encode and record locally even when the internet connection is dropped : When your Internet connection suddenly drops, Procaster will continue recording and will go live again once you have regained connectivity. This can also be used to switch from one internet connection to another when experiencing an issue
HD Multi-bitrate Support on browsers and mobile devices:
You can now select qualities to stream at two, three or four bitrates at the same time (If you have enough resources - CPU/Memory/Bandwidth etc…).
The new Livestream Player now offers the ability for the user to select any of the qualities you are publishing from Livestream Procaster.
When viewing your live stream on iOS devices, the bitrate is automatically selected (adaptive) based on the viewers connection and the number of qualities you are encoding from Procaster.
Note : This only currently works with live streams, the recorded stream will be the main default stream (typically a 450-600Kbps stream)
Recording of all qualities to your “Movies” folder by default
The ability to select a different folder to save local recordings.
“Preview Only” channel option. This mode will only allow you to test your stream for 5 minutes
Improved detection on the removal and adding of audio devices
Perfect audio synchronization. The recorded files can be edited in Adobe Premiere and in Final Cut Pro.
Color Corrector Feature : Improve colors and brightness within Procaster.
Long recordings can be played back in Quicktime
Various Graphical User Interface fixes, such as:
Language fixes.
Support for multiple monitors.
Audio mixer can now be controlled with the arrow keys when you click the volume slider.
Improved Support for Certified Devices (capture card, devices and webcams) :

DeckLink SDI (SDI, HD-SDI)
DeckLink Duo (SDI, HD-SDI)
DeckLink Optical Fiber (SDI, HD-SDI)
DeckLink Studio (SD, HD-SDI, Component, Composite, S-video, HDMI)
DeckLink HD Extreme 3D (SD, HD-SDI, Component, Composite, S-video, HDMI)
Intensity Pro (Component, Composite, S-video, HDMI)

So post ALL your wishes and bugs in this thread and we will see what we can do for you!

If you have a bug, please post it in the following manner, so that we can help you as fast as we can.

-With what system you are using to stream (PC Intel at 2,4 ghz, 4 gb of ram...)
-At what quality you are trying to stream it (mobile, normal, medium + mobile, high + medium + mobile, HD + Medium + mobile, HD + high + medium + mobile, optimized game mode or custom (also include which custom settings))
-How are you trying to stream it (if this applies to you) with a capture card or any other capture device.
-If previous versions also has this problem
-A description of the problem you are experiencing

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