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Well, it's doing it again, and this time no line in cable is inserted. And when it was working fine earlier this evening, too. No, I don't have my channel page open in another tab because I felt that would be, well, redundant if I was going to have the material broadcasting on my end anyhow. In the flash settings for the webcaster, "Reduce Echo" is active.

My audio source is currently set to "Stereo Mix" in Windows XP's Recording Control. My microphone is switched off, both physically and as an audio device in both Recording Control (as only one recording device can be active at a time) and in the Playback Control. In the webcaster, only the default audio device is selected (or available).

Well, that's enough obligatory waffling about MY hardware. Now onto the website's SOFTWARE which is causing the issue. After all, my speakers aren't reverberating ghost noise all by themselves, knock on wood. Or in any other program or streaming website.

I believe, rightly, that the issue is the webcaster is inexplicably playing back the audio being broadcast through it. Interestingly enough, it does this same thing even when I'm not technically supposed to be logged in (because I've hit the logout button), and it also does this despite the channel not being live. In fact, there isn't even any sound playing on my computer. I wonder, is there any use in the webcaster playing back the audio that the broadcaster would invariably be hearing when he or she is naturally making the sounds him or herself either by speaking aloud with their voice box or playing a media file on their computer?

I would recommend that somebody deactivate any possible function of the webcaster to play back the broadcasted audio into itself. The broadcaster would already hear the sound by making it occur him or herself. Considering there isn't even an option to turn such a "feature" on, I wonder it occurs in the first place.

Thanks for your custom!

The problem abates if I close and reopen the browser. Perhaps it's related to that.

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