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"The color correction menu and chat are already available while broadcasting in the latest version. You can set the color correction menu availability within the Video tab in Procaster Preferences." Yes, but once you've started up, both of those cannot be closed without ending the stream, and there is no way to toggle chat on and off unless you visit the webpage of the streaming video to chat with others. The green brackets and menu bar come up no matter what when you start up a stream.

"When you first start procaster, it gives you the option to run in Basic mode or not. Running in Aero mode will show viewers all of the Procaster overlays when displaying your screen which is why Basic mode is preferred." Right, shows them everything, which is why I'm asking for Aero support, as in, those overlays can be set to not stay up.

There is also no check box for automatically switching to Basic mode. See the video (videos, actually, the stream cut out and split it into two videos)(you'll have to wait 20 seconds for the ads to finish on each video and then experience audio drops) for what I'm talking about.

I also wish I had a total view counter on the actual livestream video page, so I can track demographics like YouTube Insight, and I want the ability to favorite videos and list videos and have better community interaction on the site.
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