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Default Procaster Beta 20.2.64 (2012-02-09)

In this thread you will find the latest beta versions of Procaster PC

You can still get to your accounts here: and you can still stream to the original platform with no problems!

We released a new Public version, more information here:

PC VERSION - 20.2.64:
-Audio issues fixed (bad audio at 2400Hz or a multiplication of this number)
-Audio quality improved (increased Bitrate at high and HD qualities)
-In game mode, Unicode characters are now supported
-More game compatibility
-Changed the behavior when certain setting files couldn't be found due to permission issues.
-Flash installer links fixed
-Fixed some disconnections on some ISPs when you muted the audio
-Fixed some installer issues (Qt Version not found after installation)
-Increased stability
-Better Experimental support for Blackmagic H.264 device (frame sync).
-Experimental USB 3.0 support for BlackMagic UltraStudio SDI (Tested on MSI GE620 and Lenovo w520)

New Bandwidth requirements:
For Stereo:
mobile: 198Kbps
Normal: 446Kbps
Medium + Mobile: 876Kbps
High+Medium+Mobile: 2632Kbps
HD+Medium+Mobile: 3196Kbps
HD+High+Medium+Mobile: 4952Kbps
Optimized gaming mode: 969Kbps

For Mono:
mobile: 174Kbps
Normal: 446Kbps
Medium + Mobile: 788Kbps
High+Medium+Mobile: 2416Kbps
HD+Medium+Mobile: 2948Kbps
HD+High+Medium+Mobile: 4576Kbps
Optimized gaming mode: 648Kbps

Changelist 20.2.43 Beta
We have released a new beta of Procaster for pc which has the following changes:

-Cropping window Functionality
--Hold shift or ctrl or alt to resize the crop window without taking aspect ratio into account
--Preservation of aspect ratio when adjusting the crop window size
-Improved 2d/3d rendering and the option to select which method to use (DirectX, OpenGL, Software, Simple)
-DirectX 8 support is added back, no interactive mode
-The Ability to select "Only record highest quality" when streaming with multiple qualities
-Smaller size
-Support for the latest Blackmagic SDK 8.5 (So make sure you update your local drivers)
-Improvement in capture devices
-Headphone monitoring on windows (Temporarily does not work with Speaker Audio enabled. Will cause audio feedback loop)
-Improved desktop audio capture
-Added several processes to the ignore list (infinium, patcher, origin, mumble, msiafterburner,
-Russian language has been updated.
-Checking for older blackmagic versions
-You can now set "No Hotkey" to the hotkeys (right click a hotkey field)
-Connecting to publishing servers on slow connections has been improved.
-On multi-quality, you can select the Audio sample rate. Auto means the default sample rate that is selected by Livestream
-New Command line option Functionality
-- -username=testing
-- -password=testing
-- -channel=channelname
-- -autogolive
-- -disablenoaudiowarning
--Example procaster.exe -autogolive
-FPS is now in drop down menu format, but you still have the ability to manually set your own custom frame rate

A more extended description of the command line feature
If a user hans wants to automatically go live on channel piet he could execute this:

procaster.exe -username=hans -password=SomePassword -channel=piet -autogolive

if he already set this up in procaster he can just do

procaster.exe -autogolive

This allows the user to make a task in a scheduler to automatically go live at a scheduled time/date.

Changelist 20.2.21 Beta
We have released a new beta of Procaster for pc.
--Bug Fix: Fixed issues with the color corrector.

Changelist 20.2.20 Beta
We have released a new beta of Procaster for pc. There are a few new features and bug fixes
--Feature: We have reinstated “Preview Only” channel option. This mode will only allow you to test your stream for 5 minutes.
--Feature: Users now have the ability to select a different folder to save local recordings.
--bug fix: The audio meter has been modified to be more accurate.
--bug fix: There was an issue in Minecraft where users would receive a "Minecraft out of memory" error and would crash the game. This is now fixed

Changelist 20.2.15 Beta
We have added the feature request to the list, and we shall see what we can do with it.

We have released a new version of Procaster, version 20.2.15 which has the following changes:
-Crashing on startup due to broken (virtual) camera's
--When you have a broken (virtual) camera, it will crash on start, then when you start it the second time, it will say that some camera's are disabled.
-Installer now works with virus scanners blocking some installer actions.
-Games have a new hud, that displays the CPU usage, and the status of the streaming (perfect quality, cpu above 80%, Internet to slow for quality, Disconnected from internet and waiting for user input)

We will now look into adding some user functions
-Adding preview mode back
-Able to change the location where the recordings are stored
-Allowing spikes in bandwidth usage, for better quality

Changelist 20.2.13 Beta
We have released a new version of Procaster. This will resolve most of the crashes that you sent in through the crash reporter, which we are thankful for you for doing so.
To make sure that Procaster has the best streaming experience for you, make sure that you have the latest video card drivers installed or else Procaster might now disable some of it's features.
For the people with a Blackmagic Decklink card, you might want to update your drivers as well to version 8.0.1 at least.
If you have a tablet and are still having problems with it, please reply with the tablet you have and which operating system you have.

Bug fixes:
-Small GUI Fixes
-Capture cards are detected again.
-Crashes during the start
-Some crashes during broadcasting
-Fixed crash with some camera's
-Fixed crash when changing camera settings
-Osprey card fix for some models
-Better memory monitor to prevent crashes with too fast increasing memory usage
-Installer fixes (and log file now gets written to the temporary directory)
-Camera's higher than 60 frames per seconds
-Missing quarter frame of audio in the end

Game fixes:
-Better support for League of Legends (better detection by Procaster)
-New HUD in Direct X 9 games.
-Better support when you minimize a game.
-Fixed some games that were no longer working, but were working in previous versions

New Feature:
-Procaster now sets the power profile to high when starting and restoring on exit

Previous releases:
Changelist 20.2.1 Beta
-Bug Fix: Side by Side error when starting
-Bug Fix: Combobox Style in Device Configuration Window
-Bug Fix: Sometimes the BlackMagic selection didn't get applied until finished was pressed
-Bug Fix: When the video card or driver doesn't support OpenGL, it will no longer crash
-Bug Fix: Bug with some DirectX 10 cards crashing
-Bug Fix: Filter bug
-Bug Fix: Crash on stopping when recording to local hard drive
-Bug Fix: Crash on start with some devices
-Bug Fix: When you have 2 the same Black Magic cards inserted in your computer, that it crashes sometimes.
-Bug Fix: Possibly fixed the webcam issue with startup
-Bug Fix: Recording gets corrupt and is not being able to play back.
-Bug Fix: Games can now be minimized for longer times with no problems

We won't support GTA: Las Vegas anymore, since it's an DirectX 8 game, we no longer support games lower than DirectX 9.0.

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