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Thanks for the feedback, I have taken note of your feature requests and have also noticed that some of these requests are already available:

1. Less CPU usage; on my laptop with a dual core Pentium something or other, it takes up about 60% of the cycles.
2. Faster interface; It takes about three minutes to go from launch to recording.
-The time it takes to load Procaster on your system may be related to the CPU available. Please make sure that your performance profile is set to High Performance and has not been limited. You can find this option by clicking on the start menu and searching for "Power Options". If it is already set to "High Performance" then a higher powered laptop or Desktop is recommended.

4. Ability to remove the green brackets, color correction menu, and chat window during recording, and the ability to keep them from starting up in the first place. I run Win7 x64 with Aero.
The color correction menu and chat are already available while broadcasting in the latest version. You can set the color correction menu availability within the Video tab in Procaster Preferences.

5. Support for Aero (it must revert to basic scheme to work).
When you first start procaster, it gives you the option to run in Basic mode or not. Running in Aero mode will show viewers all of the Procaster overlays when displaying your screen which is why Basic mode is preferred.
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