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Default Ability to disable censor on whole channel

The current text censorship system frustrates me and many others in the channels I view, which are visited almost exclusively by adults. The artists streaming their drawings often draw risqué things and we can't even say the proper names of certain body parts without it being turned into "***".

Censoring is one thing, but turning every one into three stars gives no indication of what's supposed to be said much of the time, and while many people are opposed to cursing, giving no indication of what word was intended to be said creates quite a communication barrier and just leads to people coming up with unpleasant-to-read bypasses, such as putting characters in the middle of the words or making intentional typos.

Apparently, by making a member a mod, this function can be turned off, however it would be quite a hassle for a channel author to give mod status to everyone viewing just so they can type naturally.

Could we get something a channel artist can check off to allow swearing in the IM box, or perhaps disable the function and then make it optional to have it turned on?

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