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Default Notification when a stream goes live?

I've recently discovered I like watching artists livestream their drawings (particularly when they take requests), but I often miss the streams by being notified too late or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I think a handy feature would be the ability to set a channel to email you when it goes live, because at the moment I've got Flash sucking up a bunch of my CPU and memory because I've got nine dead streams open on the off chance that one of them will suddenly go live.

I only see a couple minimal issues that could possibly arise from this: People might get too many emails if a channel is frequently going live and dead, which could be bothersome, but they could just uncheck the "Notify me" button and that problem would be solved.

Streamers could also have an issue if they intend to hold a more private livestream for specific people and don't want all their fans being notified. Perhaps there could be a "private stream" checkbox so people don't get notified for the next session.
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