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Alright, I've gone through all the hoops needed to get verified. I didn't think I'd need to for a while but my show has literally exploded over the last few weeks and yesterday I actually had hit my cap and people were still trying to get it before the show even started. It's very apparent I need to increase the cap and get verified but when I submitted my request I got this generic email back

Unfortunately, we cannot approve your application at this time, due to the following issues:

New, inactive or small channel:
The quantity of recorded / uploaded content on your channel is not developed enough to meet publishing / editorial requirements. Please don't hesitate to re-submit when your channel grows.

I have no clue why I got this. I admit the quality of the previous episodes are not great however the quality has improved significantly and I honestly feel that we should be verified, if just to increase the cap of the many viewers that want to watch the show and I'm sure you're getting lots of revenue from. So, what do I need to do?
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