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Originally Posted by RonaldH View Post
We can confirm that it is indeed more blocky than version 20.0.151 but this is because this version keeps itself more to the set bitrate, with the old version, it could spike a lot, and cause the connection to drop. With the new version, with the same encoder settings as in version 20.0.151 it gets a higher quality image.

If there is enough interest in it, we might add an feature where you could allow high spikes in bandwidth.

So please reply in this topic if you want to have this feature.
So, you are saying there is a sacrifice in quality as to maintain bitrate. I see. I have had those 'spikes' happen before. My viewers say that the video stops every once and a while, even though it wouldn't stop for me.

However, I think it is worth it to be able to have stable video quality over connection. I'd rather have people drop for a few seconds every so often, than have my quality suffer because of it. Also, the "On Demand" videos would also maintain better quality, so if a user missed a portion due to the 'spikes', then they can rewatch it later.

For now, I have reverted back to 20.0.151. I also tested 20.1.202 and 20.1.242, but those had issues of their own.

I'm sure that adding an option as such would be useful beside the Bitrate Edit Box:
[Checkbox] Variable Bitrate [with the mouse hover text] = "Allow for variability in the bitrate (may cause connection spiking)"

Thank you! :-)
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