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Originally Posted by RonaldH View Post
@Bassliebe what kind of device do you use where the audio drifts apart, we have tested with several devices and it stayed in sync.
The image comes from webcams and the audio from an input of a usb-soundcard.
I use two webcams. One is used by procaster directly (camera button) the other by webcam companion 3 just to project the image on the computer monitor so that procaster can capture it via the screen-button-function. This way I can switch between to sets/cameras.
When i merge these two images together (2d mix function) the image from the webcompanion webcam stays in sync with the sound of the audiocard from the beginning. The Procaster camera image drifts away bigtime in the first 5 minutes. (all watched on the stream not on the preview window) After a while they all sync up.
So the issue doesn´t seem to be the soundsource differing from the image source, but the procaster camera not beeing fed into the stream at a constant speed...?
I think I should stream an example video that makes it a bit more transparent.. :-) hard for me to explain..

kind regards

...and here it its...
after watching the first 2 minutes you can skip ahead to 4minutes
(one correction: I said, "the procaster video is behind" when in reality it was ahead:-)

Both webcams are: Logitech WebcamC300

and if you really consider manual offset adjustment in both directions, could you please do it for every audio channel in the mixer seperate? I know I can be annoying :-)

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