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I would like to see better support for game engines like quake 3 and Duke Nukem Forever game. I can't seem to run the game in game mode broadcasting. But as side note it does record game footage in desktop mode. Every time I try to run procaster 20.2 it tells me,

"To Begin game casting, please open a Directx or OpenGL game and press Ctrl+F1."

Which I do but it seems it never detects the game. I have inputed a ticket for this but I was told your procraster program has issues with that kind of game engine. I run the game as admin and procaster as admin rights. Like I mentioned before the game does record during desktop mode but it just flickers a ton during the live feed and recording. But for my screen it isn't flickering at all. Tried running game at low resolution but that didn't work for game casting. It just seems it not even detecting the game at all.

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Video Card: Nvidia 8800 GT
Sound Card: Onboard
Mic: Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000
Procaster: 20.2 version
Internet Speed: Comcast 20 MB speed
Monitor: Dell 1280x1024 Max Resolution
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