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Originally Posted by sdmimedia View Post
I want to start live webcasting for our church. We would rather not use the webcam on the computer. Instead, I really want to use my Canon 7D. I do know that the USB connection will not show this camera as an option. I found on the web that I can use the HDMI Out on the camera and connect it through the HDMI on my Dell Latitude E6510 (PC). I want to know if anyone has been successful with this and if there is something I need to know to make this as optimum as possible.

If there is another way to use my Canon 7D as a "webcam" for live stream, let me know. Most information I am finding is for the MAC. If you have info for the PC, that would be great.

You can try connecting the 7d to your laptop's hdmi to see if Procaster recognizes your camera. Please let us know what the result is.

Generally we recommend using a BlackMagic capture device to take in an HDMI feed - this only works with a tower computer, however.

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