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Default Livestream Storage Cleanup for Free Producers

Livestream is growing, and over the past 4 years we’ve accumulated hundreds of thousands of gigabytes of neglected videos – some of which have never even been watched. What a waste!

As part of our spring cleaning initiative we’d like to give you, our producers, the opportunity to tell us which videos are important to you, so that we can clean up any videos you don’t need. We know what you might be thinking… but DON’T PANIC! You can still keep any/all of your videos. We’ve even created a simple wizard to help you find, save and download stuff you want to hang on to. We’ll tell you in advance if we find anything, and if your channel is active you’ll probably never hear from us as we’re only looking for very old videos that don’t get watched often.

As a little thank-you for the effort, we’re throwing in some good karma. We’ll be pledging 10% of any savings from reducing our storage usage. over the next three months towards carbon credits, to make our planet that little bit greener.

Heres how it works:

* Every month we’ll find your neglected videos (older than 6 months & viewed fewer than 10 times within the past 6 months).

* We’ll email you to let you know if we find anything.

* To save/download videos just follow the link to the cleanup wizard.

For more information, visit the blog post:

Thanks for your understanding.
We love helping you deliver the best live video experience on the web.

The Livestream Team
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