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Originally Posted by AquilaVolans View Post
I started using Procaster a few days ago, and each time I try to go live it lags my computer like crazy and has already caused my laptop to crash several times in the middle of a broadcast. I usually have iTunes and Paint Tool SAI running when I use Procaster, and it's extremely frustrating when I'm trying to draw and SAI shuts down right in the middle of it. I don't know what's going on, because when I use Hypercam3 my laptop doesn't lag at all. If there's no way that I can solve this lag problem, is there a way I can use Hypercam3 to broadcast instead?

Also, the control bar and chat aren't affected at all when this happens.

What are your system specs (OS, CPU, RAM, etc)? Procaster is a very CPU intensive program - if your CPU is being maxed out, this could be responsible for the delay. I recommend monitoring your CPU usage while running a test broadcast.

FYI, here is a link to the minimum/recommended system specs for Procaster:

In terms of crashing, can you elaborate or provide some further details? What happens when your lap top crashes? What about SAI? Does Procaster ever crash? Reinstalling Procaster might help.

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