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Default Video Game streaming question.

So,I'm visiting this side all along,and I really enjoy it watchin streams from it,like video games,cartoons etc.

My point is now,I want to stream too,I want to stream video games from my ps3,wii,nes,gamecube,ps2,so I need your guys help,I think I need to buy a caputare device to be able to stream from this consoles,I thought about buying this the dazzle dvd recorder,saw it in a mall near my city with an good price.

Dazzle Dvd Recorder:

Well,now I want to know if this is enough what I need to stream?

Also I did read that I need windows media (flash) encoder?

Also if I will be fine with streaming,I will maybe go pro,thanks for your help guys and thanks to mogulus to make streaming possible.

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