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Default How to have overlay graphics & save stream locally?


I have following needs for my channel:
- Free plan, my channel is a small non-profit organization
- Lots of video-on-demand storage capacity (Livestream free plan 10GB is not enough)
- Small overlay graphics that changes every 15 minutes but is visible all the time (we stream curling games and would like to show the scoreboard on the top of the screen)

Flash Media Encoder considerations
+ I can save the files locally and publish the FLV files on my website where I have enough disk capacity
- I don't know a way to display an overlay image

Livestream Studio (the browser interface)
+ I can show overlay graphics
- I can't save the files locally

+ I can save the files locally and publish the files on my website
+ I can show graphics with the 2d mix
- The video is shown in the bottom left corner and it can't be shown to fill most of the screen

Does anyone have suggestions how could I both save the video locally AND embedd the scoreboard graphics to the top of my broadcast?

Best regards,
Markus Sipilš
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