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I've recently started a Livestream channel ( after trying Procaster and finding it to make my streams a lot easier and better than when I was using and FME. However, when trying to verify it to get listed in the channel guides and to remove the viewer cap (if I even get to that stage) it would be nice if the rejection e-mails said a little more than just a bog-standard scripted response of:

"New, inactive or small channel:
The quantity of recorded / uploaded content on your channel is not developed enough to meet publishing / editorial requirements. Please don't hesitate to re-submit when your channel grows."
I'm aware that my original application was done when my channel was barely new, but since then I've done a lot more streaming time, have a lot more auto-pilot and VOD content, have completely customised my channel to the extent requested, and still I get rejected?

What exactly is it that you are looking from my channel before you'll verify it? I'm not exactly going to be breaking the 50 viewer cap anytime soon, but without any proper listing in the channel guides, how is anyone going to even find my channel outside of my close friends who watch generally because I sometimes co-op stream with them? I do post to my Twitter account and Facebook pages but rarely get many viewers as those social media methods aren't yet being followed by many people. On, I would get a few random viewers during my streams simply from people looking in the channel guides there and finding my channel.

This system is even more flawed seeing as I could very easily bypass this whole process by streaming via Xfire, which is almost like having a verified channel right off the bat, as well as being included in both the normal Games and Xfire Games channel guides, albeit with a lot less control over the channel, and quite frankly, a much harder way to stream since Xfire has a lot less ways to customise the stream compared to Procaster.

Hopefully you will look at the verification process and possibly overhaul it, or make it a little more intuitive for people to realise where they have shortcomings and what exactly they need to improve on in order for your verification team to not consider them "new, inactive or small" anymore. Or at the very least make Xfire channels have to go through the same process, because no cap and being listed in two channel guides just for using a specific program is a little unfair to those of us who want more flexibility on their channel.
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