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Originally Posted by nickckirk View Post
I am wanting to record live video and audio footage. I think I will try to plug into a main mixer board for pure sound. I am just wanting advice on how to set it up, best/effective/affordable equipment to use, etc.
Question- can I use my laptop (macook pro) for video?
Question- what is the best way to plug into a mixer to get the audio? (... what if I use a video camera but want the audio from another source?)

thanks to anyone who takes time out to help/point me in the right direction

What exactly are you trying to broadcast? You can use a MacBook Pro to stream, however I'd strongly suggest getting a more power system with an i7 processor. If you're trying to get the feed from an audio mixer simply take the line out and plug it into the mic jack on your computer.

I hope this is what you're looking for.

Matt Baron
Livestream Producer Support
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