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Your best bet with this setup is probably going to be to run composite out of the AnyCast into an analog digital converter such as a Canopus ADVC110 which will convert to Firewire which you can run into your laptop. If you have the budget for an AnyCast you shouldn't skimp on the encoding computer because this is also going to be critical to the quality of your broadcast.

Our team uses i7 laptops when encoding which should have more than enough power. If you have the ability to get your hands on a quad core machine like this that's ideal, if you don't you can get by with a lower powered machine but make sure you keep an eye on CPU usage when testing as you may need to lower resolution and bitrate to compensate. I would recommend using Procaster as it will provide at least as high quality as FME if not higher and will allow you to simultaneously encode a mobile compatible stream as well.

Finally the one thing you left out here is the connection, you should make sure you have a wired connection, ideally at least a T1 with an upstream bandwidth guarantee above the bitrate you plan to encode at.

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