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Default Beginners Guide To Broadcasting An Event


We're looking to webcast a live event. Unfortunately, we won't have access to all the equipment until shortly beforehand, so I'm looking for help to make sure we have everything right.

We have a two camera set up plus a laptop running a PPT presentation plus a microphone. All of these feed into a Sony AnyCast.

We have a not especially highly specced Dell Laptop we're planning on using.

The questions are:

What do I need to get the audio and video from the AnyCast to the laptop? What are the options in terms of budget (i.e. is there a cheap way and an expensive way? is the expensive way much better?)

[I currently have a cheap ($50) S-Video & Composite to USB capture cable: presumably that's pointless as it has no audio (unless I can connect the AnyCast audio direct to the laptop which I can't seem to under ProCaster?)]

Should I use ProCaster, or is Flash Media Encoder a better bet?

If the mixing is being done on the AnyCast, is a laptop OK for just accepting the video input and broadasting via ProCaster/FME?
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