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Hey Jason. Thanks for your help.

Originally Posted by jasonlive View Post
Hello Looseworld, welcome to Livestream.

Your proposed setup doesn't seem very effective for the following reasons:

-The Zoom cameras you intend to use are not built for streaming. You would be much better off with decent quality webcams - from Logitech, for example. Perhaps you could dip into your budget, as this will really simplify things.
The trouble with a webcam is that we are trying to get a view of the full room with decent sound. The idea is to mount them 10 feet or so off the floor, pointed downward.

Can you recommend an HD cam with quality audio? Would a webcam be capable of producing a quality image for such a large area? The rooms are sizable.

-Mobile internet is problematic for live streaming. I highly recommend streaming only from a wired connection, if possible; Livestream recommends a minimum upload bandwidth of 700Kbps. You can test your speed at A note on mobile internet: it's not nearly as reliable as a dedicated line, and also other people in your area may be pulling from your bandwidth, despite any speed test results.
Unfortunately, we are bound by the location. No wired connection exists. The plan is to rent mobile modems (one per computer, private connection) on Verizon's new LTE service. I've seen tests where it clocks in between 1 Mbps and 12 mbps UP.

-Every camera you use will need to be connected directly to a computer if you plan on streaming live.
So that means for 6 camera's we'd need 6 computers. Yes?

Thanks again.
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